4 Incredible Benefits of Weight Loss


You don’t have to lose excess weight or sweat to size zero to be healthy. Its proven now that even a modest weight loss of 5 to 10 percent can help in improving the medical conditions like hypertension, raised blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The reasons for weight loss might vary, but the core is always to remain fit, active, and disease-free.

For this very reason, health experts across the globe emphasize losing weight attributing to its innumerable health benefits.

  1. Prevent the risk of metabolic disorders– Increased weight is one of the significant reasons for metabolic disorders. Excess weight or high BMI results in disturbed metabolic functions like disrupted blood sugar levels, high cholesterol level with fat accumulation in the blood vessels, fluctuated blood pressure, and even hormonal imbalance. This is the reason why in the medical conditions like diabetes, PCOS, heart diseases and hypertension, doctors, and nutritionists recommend losing weight to prevent further complications and improve the health status.
  2. Improve the fitness level and mobility– With reduced stress over joints and bones, weight loss help in improving the fitness level. Moreover, with the reduction in fat accumulation, the incidence of inflammation and related disorders like osteoarthritis also gets lower. As a result, the individual face fewer mobility issues is more active and energetic and capable of performing daily activities and exercise regime.
  3. Improve hormonal balance- Hormones are the major regulatory chemicals which help in precise synchronization of many essential body reactions. But studies have shown that increased weight is directly proportional to the imbalance in hormones. Many major hormones like thyroid, growth hormone, the stress hormone, sex hormones get affected by the weight fluctuations that harms the body. Therefore, losing weight and achieving the ideal body weight is the best solution to prevent or correct the hormonal imbalance for healthy regulation of the body processes. It also helps in preventing further hormone-related complications like PCOS and hyper or hypothyroidism.
  4. Ensure proper sleep– Excess weight results in the development of the extra tissues around the back of the throat that can obstruct the airway to lungs and cause sleep apnea and related complications. According to the Harvard study, losing even 10 percent of body weight helps reduce the symptoms with better and longer sleep duration.

Apart from the above points, there are many lifestyle benefits like- improved confidence, active social life, better mood, and better body image, which are associated with healthy weight loss.

But above all, in the quest to lose weight, you must lose healthily and naturally. Several companies captivate attention with offers like weight loss through pills, saunas, machines, and massages. It is always better to look out for honest reviews, understand their approach, whether natural or artificial, and then take the decision.

For example,- Truweight, which is a research and nutrition-based healthcare company, believes in the natural weight loss through superfoods and a balanced diet. This, in turn, not only assist in shedding extra kgs but also gain health.

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