Absolute Knowledge about the Tummy Tuck Surgery


Tummy tucks are beneficial for women and/or men who have significant abdominal wall skin laxity and this can be due to either childbirth or rapid weight loss. So a tummy tuck is typically about a 2-hour surgery. It entails usually a hip-to-hip incision depending on how much skin it needs to be removed to give the patients a good contour. The conventional tummy tuck in Chandigarh is usually not only the skin resection but also the abdominal wall tightening. Now that’s the internal corset that people talk about that they like to get that hourglass shape, most plastic surgeons do what’s called an anterior plication which is bringing the two six-pack muscles back together in the midline as well.

Important About Tummy Tuck Surgery

As doing that, surgeons also like to do what’s called an upper lateral plication, which pulls her oblique muscles back to the midline too to give even more of an hourglass shape. Surgeons lift the skin up off the abdominal wall to the point where it reached the xiphoid process or the breastbone to be able to pull it down nice and tight. Typical recovery for a tummy tuck is about 10 to 14 days. There’s a minimal amount of pain over the first few days as the abdominal wall plication starts to improve in the first few days. Patients’ anterior abdominal wall is extremely tight so they may not even be able to stand up straight but over the course of two or three days that will stretch a little bit and allow them to get back to the upright position.

Most patients are taking some painkillers for about 4 to 5 business days and then surgeons switch them over to add villain. Within two weeks, they’re back to being themselves cosmetic Abdominoplasty and other mommy makeovers tend to be some of the happiest patients in our practice. It’s usually something that’s been bothering patients for years and when they finally get around to taking care of themselves and getting this done, they tend to be some of the happiest patients around.

The difference between a full tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck can be summarized as three.

  1. The scar from the full tummy tuck is generally much longer than the mini tummy tuck.
  2. A mini tummy tuck mainly addresses the amount of excess tissue between the belly button and the pubis. It doesn’t really address any bulges or any fatty tissue that are outside the (inaudible).
  3. In a mini tummy tuck, generally, no muscle tightening is performed. On the other hand, in the full tummy tuck, the muscle is tightened and brought together, some liposuction may be added in for body contouring and the scar tends to be longer. Overall, the results are more dramatic from a full tummy tuck than they are from the mini tummy tuck.

Note: Tummy tuck is not a weight losing treatment but it is cosmetic surgery to remove the access fat from the patient’s body. There can be some risks in undergoing the Tummy tuck Surgery.

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