All About The Most Common Sports And Spinal Injuries


If you are an athlete then you know that injuries are common in your life. There is a great chance that you will experience injuries at some point even if you try to be safe and wear protective gear. In fact, even professional athletes still get injured! According to statistics, almost 20% of sports injuries are associated with the lower back or neck.

Common Sports Injuries You Should Know Of

If you want to feel good again after an injury, then you need to find a multi service clinic who can treat a wide variety of conditions with a holistic approach, you should know more about the most common sports and spinal injuries that you might encounter in your athletic career.

  • Acute Injuries. These injuries are a result of an isolated traumatic incident like blunt force during a colission with another player or the ground. Usually, acute injuries are sprained ankles, fractured wrists, or sometimes a pulled muscle. These are commonly experienced during sports, exercise, or other sports or activities that involve physical contact. Acute injuries are often mild and. It can be treated with physical therapy, bracing, medications, and helpful home exercises.
  • Chronic Overuse Injuries. They are common in athletes who play baseball or softball, especially the pitchers. Chronic overuse injuries also happen to volleyball and tennis players. These injuries are caused by a repetitive motion using the same part(s) of the body for a long time, like months or years. If you visit a multi service clinic, the physician will diagnose your problem and would possibly prescribe a period of rest. Activities will be modified and you would need a physical therapy routine and some injections. Recovery time may be longer but with proper treatment and rehabilitation, it can reduce the pain and prevent it from coming back.
  • Lower Back Injuries. An individuals’ lower back is always susceptible to injuries. They are often strained during sports and other physical activities. Those who run, twist, and weight lift are the usual individuals who experience lower back injuries. This would usually involve your muscles, ligaments, joints, and discs in the back.
  • Neck Injuries. These injuries are common in contact sports like football. That is because the neck has a wide range of motion and is the least protected compared to the rest of the spine. This is why it is more vulnerable to injuries. It can be the muscles, ligaments, or the discs and joints of your neck. They can be painful and would restrict your range of motion. Most of the time, they cause more pain in your shoulders and down your arms.

Melbourne Osteoheatlh’s Holistic Approach

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