Approaching mental illnesses among seniors – Taking care of their mental health


Do you have any idea on the fact that around 20% of the adults who have reached the age of 55 or who are older than that have experienced some kind of mental health issue? Among the people who suffer from problems in their mental health, 1 among 3 of them doesn’t receive any kind of treatment. The most common mental health issue found among the seniors is dementia or cognitive impairment. In fact, it has been predicted that 5 million adults who have crossed the age of 65 now have Alzheimer’s disease, as per the Alzheimer’s Association.

Although websites like help connect the needy with the best counselors who can offer professional counseling, there are unfortunately not many people who end up seeking professional help. Here are few things you should know about treating mental illnesses among seniors.

Approaching mental illness among the seniors

It may sometimes be difficult to bring up the topic of mental problem among the seniors but the situation is pretty delicate when a senior suffers from mental illness. There are several family members who are left worrying about what they should do in order to approach the subject in a manner it should be done.

As per the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, almost 15-20% of the senior population of the nation have one or more issues in their mental health which include depressive issues, bipolar disorders or symptoms related to dementia. What is the way in which the caregivers should seek treatment?

Treating mental illness among seniors

There are some who are badly in need of expert assistance as they are the ones who keep neglecting their mental issues as a normal and natural part of aging or sometimes they’re even not eager to talk about such issues. If you are someone who finds a senior parent not willing to accept his disorder that he is suffering from, you should start focusing on the symptoms rather than on the disorder. This way you will open ways of effective and essential conversation regarding senior care. Though you might find it emotionally taxing to handle seniors with mental disorder, yet it is your duty to offer them the support that they require so that they are not left alone suffering with their illnesses.

For the seniors, accepting this kind of care will seem like giving up on their independent life but it might help to offer professional help as this will increase the possibility of regaining a normal life.

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