Choosing The Right Care Home For You In 5 Steps


Moving the elderly to a care home is a big decision and time-consuming process but it can be simplified if one abides by the tips mentioned below –

Step 1 – Always ask around

Whether you are looking for a care home in Essex or any other city, it is always a good idea to seek advice from relatives and friends who have loved ones residing in a care home.

You can take their advice but never let them convince you. Do your homework, both online as well as offline and then go for the one that has impressed you truly!

Step 2 – Ask these questions

Always ask yourself the following questions when you visit a care home. If you find the answers impressive then go ahead and finalize the decision, else, look for better options –

  • Are the residents treated with respect by the staff of the care home?
  • Does the care home come with all the necessary creature comforts such as central HVAC units, in-door sports, etc?
  • Does the food offered on-site are high in quality and nutritious?
  • Does the care home have its housekeeping personnel?
  • Are alarms and emergencies met with diligence?
  • Does the care home have security personnel and surveillance systems in place to ensure the safety of its elderly residents?

Step 3 – Visit the facility at different times

It is always a good idea to visit a care home at offbeat times. This is the only way you can catch ill-practices within a facility.

Make two to three such unannounced visits and if you find that everything is just the same and on-par with your expectations, you have found the ideal care home!

Step 4 – Be sure to choose one that offers high quality care to the elderly

Choose a care home that offers the highest levels of care to its elderly residents. An ideal care home would have designated communal areas, recreation areas, dining area, physical activity area, and healthcare area and so on.

Furthermore, the décor of the facility in general and the rooms of the residents should ooze affection, not the mundane!

Step 5 – Keep an eye out for the healthcare facilities offered on-site

A care home should have all the necessary healthcare facilities and medical equipment on-site similar to a hospital. Since these facilities house the elderly, an ideal one should be capable enough to handle medical emergencies with ease.

Every person is unique hence their medical needs will be one-off as well. Always choose a care home that would be capable to serve the needs of your aged loved one. Else, look for better alternatives!

The internet has truly made things pretty easy these days. Just follow the tips mentioned above while looking for an ideal care home and you will be sorted!

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