Common Signs You Need Custom Orthotics


These days, many people suffer from a wide range of foot and lower limb conditions. Such problems are usually caused because of improper posture, not exercising, bad lifestyle, genetics, aging, etc. No matter the reason, you must find a way to treat the source of your pain and discomfort. It’s not a good experience to feel heel pain, corns and calluses, constant ankle twisting, and tripping. Fortunately, physiotherapists can help you in this field, and they provide a variety of related services. One of the most popular treatments that many patients demand is custom orthotics. Custom orthotics can save you from foot-related problems and let you enjoy your life once again. However, it’s essential to detect the early signs of your problem and to visit your physiotherapist on time. According to an expert providing North York orthotics, most people don’t have enough information about foot and lower limb conditions, so they can’t detect the early signs of their problems. The sooner you visit your physiotherapist; the easier treatment progress you will experience. In today’s article, we explain common signs of the necessity for custom orthotics.

You feel sharp heel pain.

One of the most common foot-related problems is plantar fasciitis. If you feel severe, sharp pain whenever you wake up, you need to take it seriously and visit a physiotherapist. People who spend a lot of time standing, wear high heels, and have tight Achilles or flat feet are usually more prone to inflammation. In such cases, custom orthotics can be a good solution as they can provide additional arch support.

You have balance problems.

Collapsed arches can cause problems with balance related to flat feet issues. Therefore, your physiotherapist may recommend custom orthotics as they can provide you with stability.

You have experienced a lower limb injury.

Severe damage to your lower limb can affect the way you walk. Your feet should be adequately supported when you walk to prevent potential problems and help you be well-aligned. If you have experienced a lower limb injury, it can negatively impact the way you walk as your feet aren’t supported enough. Custom orthotics can support your feet and reduce the risk of further pain and discomfort.

You feel foot pain or inflammation.

If you feel foot pain when you do your daily tasks, it’s time to visit a physiotherapist. It’s not normal to have foot pain after simple everyday activities. You may need custom orthotics, and a physiotherapist can provide you with the proper footwear and exercises to help you recover.

You suffer from flat feet.

People with flat feet usually experience foot overpronation. Custom orthotics may be prescribed for those people as they can be helpful in relieving pressure on the arch and reducing rolling.

Your shoes are uneven.

If you don’t know whether you need custom orthotics, you can check your shoes. A sole that is more worn on the inside indicates pronation. Any other differences between a pair of shoes can be a sign of foot problems.

If you notice any of those signs, don’t waste time and visit your physiotherapist now!

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