Contact Lens or Eyeglasses- What Is Your Pick


Whether one should go for contact lenses or eyeglasses, is a matter of personal preference. Though it can’t be denied that contact lenses are a rage among the young population today, it has also been embraced by adults equally for the convenience it offers. Contact lenses are also available in various colors nowadays, which makes all the more favorable. Now, one does not have to stay with their natural eye color. If on prefers, then they can sport blue contact lenses as well to be called blue eyed beauty. It is also preferred for being a style statement and not the need to be carried around in a box. Also, many don’t like the idea of something sitting on their nose all the time and leaving marks around the nose with time. Being said all that, does that mean that the good old eyeglass has seen its days? Not really. A substantial percentage of the population still sears by eyeglasses. To them, nothing is more stylish and classy than sporting a pair of trendy eyeglass. Some wants to wear it to appear older, some smart and some have to wear it because they require it medically.

Eyeglasses nowadays are anything but boring. The style and fashion of era gone by are coming back and a good number of people are taking it in their stride to wear them with panache. For those who beg to differ on their thoughts about eyeglasses, are just not aware of the many benefits of wearing one. It is not bad to wear contact lenses, but it is not right to say that eyeglasses are at a disadvantage. One should count the many plus points of wearing eyeglasses and keep a pair handy.

Why go for eyeglasses

Following are the many reasons for which one can pick eyeglasses:

Contact lens can cause irritation and eye problems especially if you have dry eyes or your eyes are sensitive. Wearing eyeglasses can rule out that problem completely.

  • Once you get comfortable with wearing the eyeglasses, you will no longer need to touch your eyes frequently. This reduces the chances or likelihood of causing an irritation or eye infection.
  • Financially, contact lenses can cost you more than eyeglasses. It is not to say that eyeglasses nowadays come cheap. No, they don’t. If you go for a branded eyeglass, then the frame and the lens can cost you a little fortune. But that cost gets divided over a long term. That is why you don’t feel it. On the other hand, you need to change the lenses at certain intervals. Contact lens have a specified period for usage. Once a pair is done with, you have to replace them with a pair of new one. The cost is more and recurring, which is not always affordable to everyone. With eyeglasses, the deal is simple. If the prescription changes, you just need to replace the lenses.
  • Glasses offer protection to the eye from dust, debris and wind. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and also fashionable.

Contact lenses are convenient, but it is not wise to bid adieu to a pair of very comfortable eyeglasses as well.

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