Do E-Cigs Affect Blood Sugar?


From recent studies and researches on the use of electronic cigarettes, we have seen that their use has brought about mostly positive changes in society. There has been an evident decline in cases of respiratory cancers from smoking e-cigs, and we have also seen a large number of people quitting the use of tobacco cigarettes. But remember for every up there is a down, yin and yang, this is what we call the balance of nature.

Most e-cigarette manufacturing and distributing companies do not fail to give out such disclaimers as well. If you are to check their websites, you will find a section where they advise users of these products to be still cautious as too much of something can be poisonous.  A company that has done their due diligence to the society on the same is the

Some of the downside associated with e-cigs is that is more expensive; they have a short life spun unless charged and you need to smoke them a little bit longer to obtain the same high as a cigarette. Smoking, in general, increases blood pressure even with the use of e-cigs, and people with type 2 diabetes are still at risk of heart attacks and strokes. And in this article, we shall explain to you how this happens.

How E-Cigarettes Affect Blood Sugar

Even though e-cigarettes do not burn to produce tar and carbon monoxide, nicotine is still present. Nicotine still is the active ingredient in both e-cigs and conventional tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive in that it boosts your memory, reduces your appetite, and improve your mood.

But nicotine is also dangerous in that it increases your blood pressure, increasing your chances of artery blockage and likely onset of strokes. Hence its frequent use affects blood sugar by causing a rise in Haemoglobin A1C levels by 34 %. This elevation of the A1C renders one to higher risks of complications from diabetes, including heart disease, kidney disease, and eye disease.

Should You Still Use E-cigs If You Have Diabetes

Here the answer is simply a big no. But if you are trying to quit the usage of cigarettes, some medical practitioners may still advice on their use but only in moderation. The best remedies you may be advised on is the use of low-dosage nicotine patches, hypnosis, medication, and support groups which are far less invasive methods but more effective.


To answer our question if e-cigarettes affect blood sugar, we conclude with a big yes! And for a person with the preexisting disease of diabetes, it is advisable that you adopt a much safer remedy to this habit.

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