Do Not Allow Lumbar Pain to Keep You from Enjoying Life


Often when we suffer from pain, it is the result of stress. That is why it is important to take advantage of therapies that help us learn to relax and reduce the distress associated with muscular injuries and pain. This can be accomplished through specialised therapies.

For example, one therapy known as RESILO, enables people who suffer from back pain in East Grinstead as well as other pain to gain the relief they need. This type of therapy involves the following:

  • Treatments that last about 60 minutes. The first session entails reviewing the client’s history regarding medical conditions and injuries.
  • A client remains fully clothed during each treatment session. However, the proper clothing needs to be worn; usually, a shirt, t-shirt, light slacks, athletic bottoms, or sportswear is acceptable. You should not wear jeans.
  • Two treatments are normally advised with the second treatment occurring within two weeks of the first therapy session.
  • RESILO offers each client a personal and bespoke therapy.

A gentle, hands-on massage is used to reduce the incidence of pain and give a patient renewed confidence that leads to a greater enjoyment of life. Regardless of what you choose in a pain therapy, you can incorporate the various treatments if you so choose to enhance your level of comfort.

That is because certain therapies have their limits. Therefore, the synergy of various pain management methods can assist you in realising optimal pain relief. Talk to a healthcare professional about the various offerings along these lines.

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