Girish Kumar Navani – Advantages of Online Consultations with Doctors


Today, thanks to the Internet and technology, online consultations with doctors are becoming quite popular. In fact, this is a new way for patients to get diagnosed and treated with prescription medicines. People can now be treated effectively from the convenience and comforts of their home.

Girish Kumar Navani Highlights the Evolution of Telehealth Services and its Positive Contribution to Patients

Most people are not able to assess doctors for their health, especially when there is an emergency. People need to physically travel to urgent care centers to meet a doctor for treatment. Thankfully, with the arrival of IT and new developments in telecommunication, the ordeal of physically taking out time and visiting a doctor is now a thing of the past. Clinical doctors are available online, and one is able to get the treatment one deserves from anyplace with success.

Girish Kumar Navani is the CEO and Founder of eClinicalWorks an esteemed name in the field of ambulatory healthcare IT solutions. He was awarded The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2009 for his contribution to the world of healthcare in the USA. He and his work in the field of healthcare have been inspiring to many professionals and companies. His Company is always in the news for the positive developments it brings to the healthcare sector in the nation.

Online doctor consultations have no location boundaries

Online doctor consultations are streamlined, and there are no location boundaries. As mentioned above, patients can consult doctors from any place at any time without hassles at all. Gone are the days when patients had to wait for the bus or train to reach doctors. Online doctor consultations are faster and convenient. The doctors are trained and professional. Many people believe that online doctor visits are better as a medical practitioner is experienced. This is false. Online doctors have experience and skills in the medical field they practice in, and one can always check their track records and credentials online.

Get instant help with a phone call

There are claims by people who have consulted doctors online that they can get help instantly even when there are no urgent care centers around. This is good news for those that live in remote places that are far from the main city. A phone call will help one get the medical advice and treatment one needs.

Girish Kumar Navani and his team of skilled and qualified medical professionals are striving to extend telehealth care across the nation. However, one should note that reading medical articles and blogs will give individual general information on a health condition. This information is good for reading and being aware; however, it will not help you if you are suffering from a problem that is bothering you. Every patient is different, and so one must not assume that the general information on the medical condition will work for everyone. This can lead to misdiagnosis and treatment. It is here that online doctor consultations should be resorted to without delay!

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