Hate to go gym? Here are the ways that make you stay active and healthy without going to the gym


Staying fit is one of the major goals that everyone has, however spending time doing gym may not hold the favorite spot for lots of people.  There are also some people who are very busy and they don’t get a chance to join gyms as most of the time they spend working.  Along with that, some are just procrastinators who keep telling that they join next day. Well, there is no doubt that because of such things the health suffers mostly.  Huge numbers in human beings are suffering from obesity as well as other various issues. 

In between everything, if you want to stay happy but you can’t join or don’t want to join the gym then don’t worry! There are some other ways that can help you in staying healthy as well as keep your mind active whole day.

Things that you should do that will make you stay healthy

Here is the list of things that you must consider if you don’t want to go to the gym but want to stay fit, also spare your time and visit here 121doc for more information.

•    Lunch breaks are crucial:  Sitting in one place as well as the same position because health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and even it can lead to cancer too. If you are stick to the desk jobs then make sure to take care and also give short breaks for doing stretching and wall around for a while so your body can digest the food. Along with that, it also helps in keeping your head calm and focus which make you active whole day.

•    Walk or do biking: Well if the office of yours is little far and you take transports for reaching there then you can do bilking or if it’s not that far then you can also take walk.  It not just keeps your metabolism in check and body in shape but also you get sharp and focus mind so you can work properly. It also gives you time to think and arrange your day like the way you like.

•    Stairs are helpful: there are lots of short activities that you can do, well using the stairs will help you to burn the extra fat as well as harmful calories that you have in your body. Along with that, if you are at your home then do the house works on your own. Take your talk for a walk instead of hiring someone. It’s a nice way to stay fit as well as active for a long time.

•    Park little far: there are lots of people who like to park near as possible as it can. However it would be great to park a little far so after your office work end, you can walk little.

•    Stay healthy from mind too: well not just your body but also your mind needs to stay healthy. There are different exercises that you can try, also you don’t have to move for that as its simple and you can do it.  Along with that, there are other various things that can help you to stay happy and active.

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