Importance of Essential Oils in Treating Children’s Cough


Essential oils are widely used as an alternative therapy. They have excellent medicinal properties to relieve symptoms related to health conditions. Having cough is a problematic condition it is bad for adults and worse for kids. Here are some essential oils essential oils for kids cough.

Dealing with children’s cough

Children are prone to diseases; they go to a school where they are exposed to different infections. Your kid may be infected with a cough.

Let us understand the types of cough

  • Dry cough: this kind of cough is persistent and may cause some pain. Mucus may also be there.
  • Wet cough: this is a clear sign of infection in the lower respiratory area. Coughing with a lot of mucus is common in this kind of infection.
  • Whooping cough: this type of coughing has fits, around 15 coughs in a single go with shortness of breath.

Bacteria or viruses are responsible for causing cough by infecting the respiratory system. This causes inflammation in the lungs and sputum. There are many natural remedies to relieve the symptoms of cough and enhancing the immunity power. At this point of time, you need to give, a diet full of expectorant and antibacterial properties. Garlic, honey and essential oil are recommended to get rid of the cough.

Why to use essential oils for cough and children

When you will visit a physician with your child suffering from cough, then he will prescribe you antibiotics like amoxicillin, azithromycin or others as well.

Problems with the use of antibiotics

  • Antibiotics are overprescribed and this is the reason of antibiotics becoming dangerous. They are responsible to make contagious bacteria resistant. There are several of type’s researches in which bacteria such as E. coli is showing resistance to antibiotics.
  • Cough syrups have unnecessary colors and sugar. Regular intake of excess amount of sugar is not good for your child’s health. High intake of sugar will weaken the immunity power and may be responsible for causing hormonal problems. Synthetic coloring and artificial fragments may disturb the release of hormones and they are carcinogenic.
  • When you will give antibiotics to your kids, it will kill all the good bacteria in the body. Good bacteria will help our body in the absorption of nutrients and regulating the hormonal secretion. When antibiotics will wipe out all the good bacteria, it will make our body prone to catch the infection.

Important research on essential oils

  • Essential oils like clove and thyme are full of antibacterial compounds. These oils will help you reduce the intake of antibiotics.
  • There are several examples when conventional antibiotic drugs were given with essential oils. This type of treatment was beneficial even in treating the drug resistant bacteria.
  • Salmonella, this is a drug resistant bacteria and much to your surprise it was also destroyed by using essential oils. Thymol, eucalyptus, lemon and many others are recommended in this treatment.

As far as children’s cough is concerned, you can use oilogic cough or the following essential oils after consulting with your expert.

  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • ginger
  • basal
  • oregano
  • Lemon
  • Clove and many others

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