Into the ’50s: Get Your Full Health Checkup Today for Safe Future 


A doctor is the only professional that you would not like to see often. You pay a visit to a medical professional only when you are suffering from a condition that is not healing. Until then, you keep popping over-the-counter medicines.

However, if you are into your 50s and have not been through the full health check-up, then you must do it. Why? It can help you know any hidden ailments in advance and treat it accordingly. This way, you can also elongate your life.

Why do you need to go for the full health check-up?

There are many reasons for choosing a full health check-up program, and one of them is keeping off any critical disease from occurring. Even when you test positive for any ailment, you can avail of preventive care to suppress its effects further. It can help you live longer and enjoy life with your loved ones.

Full health check-up may vary from individuals to individuals as per their age, sex, health, family history and habits. It is effective in not only promoting a healthy life but even paves the way for a healthy patient-family rapport.

A doctor can also help you live a healthy life when you go for the full health check-up at a hospital. What’s more, if you are also involved in any unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking, then your doctor may also tell you how to restrict and leave all.

What aspects to expect while undergoing a full health check-up?

Have a look at few elements that you can expect while opting for the full health check-up at a clinic:

  • Family history of diseases – Your doctor will firstly have a look at the family history of diseases so that you can be screened for them to avoid future issues.
  • Clinical history – Your medical expert will also update the records for the future course of action at your each full health check-up session.
  • Lifestyle information – Your doctor will take an insight into the lifestyle that you have. It will include details about your working style, living conditions, work-life balance. You may not consider these aspects big, but your doctor knows that makes your future case strong or weaker for the critical disease.
  • Your habits – Your doctor will also ask you about your habits such as smoking, drinking, drug usage, sexual habits, how active you are and seat belt use.
  • Details about the body functions – You may also be required to provide details about daily body functions such as eating, sleeping, heating, vision and bowel movements.
  • Physical examinations – Your healthcare practitioner will also be screening you for even the minutest of the diseases so that there are no issues later.

Should you get your full health check-up at a hospital?

A hospital is an exclusive medical facility where you can get all equipment to help you undergo a thorough full health check-up. You can get it done at any of the small and large hospitals, and one of them is Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune.

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