Is it Worthwhile for Women Suffering from Breast Cancer to Visit a Los Angeles Lumpectomy Center?


Lumpectomy is a medical procedure which surgeons perform on women with breast cancer. In this operation, the objectives of the specialists are very clear from the beginning. They attempt to remove the malignant tumor and other abnormal tissues from the patients’ breasts. In doing so, they try to preserve as much of this organ as they can. This is a far cry from mastectomy or other similar treatments for this disorder.

In many cases, these doctors may even extract some of the surrounding healthy tissues of the organ. They then send them for further examination to determine the presence of further cancerous cells. If the results of the test confirm their worst fears, these experts may suggest other relevant treatments.

What can people living with breast cancer expect when visiting the best Los Angeles lumpectomy center?

Many women in Los Angeles may suspect their suffering from breast cancer. These individuals who immediately consult their local doctors. Only these experts can recommend them to reliable lumpectomy centers in the city. However, before they can do this, they obviously conduct a preliminary examination. This surgical procedure is their best chance of preserving their breasts. However, not of all them can undergo this operation. Their local medical practitioner can determine whether or not there are suitable for the treatment. In doing so, he/she has to consider critical factors in several factors.

Extensive studies by professionals from a premier Los Angeles lumpectomy center show an interesting fact. Breast cancers sufferers who opt for this procedure have a good chance of survival. However, they still need to undergo radiation treatment for obvious reasons. No wonder many women with this condition prefer lumpectomy over mastectomy. However, they have got to keep in mind that this surgical operation does cause side effects. Patients after undergoing this procedure can expect hard scaring. This is in the areas where the specialists remove the tumor. As a result, they may experience excruciating pain. Some of them even complain of lymphedema. This is severe swelling which occurs beneath the armpits of these individuals.

Under what conditions is lumpectomy a viable option for women who have breast cancer?

Experts specializing in this branch of medical say this surgical procedure is a viable option for many people with breast cancer. However, these women need to satisfy the following 3 important conditions:

  1. Doctors have been able to diagnose their condition at a very early stage. In most cases, the tumor within their breasts is hardly 2 inches long. Moreover, they have not the intention of losing these organs;
  2. They are not pregnant at the time of undergoing this operation. However, only under exceptional condition do specialists allow expecting mothers to take this surgery. The condition of these women isn’t so serious about recommending them for radiation therapy. Otherwise, it can harm their unborn child; and
  3. These women are not suffering from an inflammatory version of breast cancer.

Visiting a popular Los Angeles lumpectomy center on recommendation of their doctors can be worthwhile for breast sufferers. There is a chance they can cure themselves of this chronic condition once and for all. In the process, they’ll be able to preserve their breasts. However, they can only undergo this operation if they satisfy the above 3 important conditions. Otherwise, they have got to look for other suitable options.

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