Is Losing a Dental Crown Considered a Dental Emergency?


Nowadays, with the help of technical advances, dentistry science is significantly improved. Professional dentists can provide a wide range of practical methods and solutions to help valued patients eliminate all negative consequences of their dental issues. As an emergency dentist explains, dental crown is a successful option that is highly recommended to increase the strength of your weak teeth and preserve your damaged teeth. They will be mounted over an entire tooth to cover its damage. Sometimes, when your dental crown is fallen out, you should see the neatest emergency dentist to replace your crown in its proper place to prevent further complex issues. If you have recently lost your dental crown, following this article can help you know what to do to decrease the risk of dental injuries.

The Main Reasons that Can Result in Losing a Dental Crown

Several important reasons can loosen your dental crown, and some of them are as follows:

Dental Decays: The most important point that should be noted is that a dental crown is not an appropriate solution to solve dental decays and cavities, so dental decays should be completely treated before placing a dental crown over your teeth; otherwise, decay will start to grow near the gum line and lead to severe dental decays.

Having a Daily Diet that Includes Too Much Sticky Food: Those who restore some of their damaged teeth with restoration methods like dental crowns are not allowed to have too much sticky food. Otherwise, they are more likely to lose their dental crown. In such cases, visiting the nearest emergency is highly recommended to fix your dental crown in its proper place to avoid further long-term damages.

Your Permanent Teeth Become Weakened: In those cases, when your professional dentists decide to place a dental crown over your damaged teeth, some minor amount of your teeth’s enamels should be removed. It is necessary to make room for the proper dental crown placements. However, this enamel removal is necessary for more natural looking; it can weaken your teeth’s structures. Therefore, whenever you lose your dental crowns, don’t hesitate to replace them with a new one.

The Specific Materials Used to Create Dental Crowns Are Worn Off: As everyone knows, experienced and dedicated dentists will try to use strong materials with high durability to create dental crowns for valued patients. But the dental cement used to attach this material to your affected teeth will eventually be weakened over time. In such cases, your professional dentists will help you eliminate your problem by cementing the crown back in its proper place.

Your Dental Crowns Are Broken as a Result of Several Reasons: The truth is that dental crowns are created from strong materials, but it should be noted they are not as strong as your permanent teeth. Therefore, negative habits like chewing or biting hard things and grinding your teeth at night can damage your dental crowns. Following some easy instructions to give up these habits can be beneficial in preserving your dental crowns.

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