Know About Different Complications Of Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth are generally third molars at the back of your mouth which usually appear between the age of 17 to 21. When the wisdom tooth is coming in many humans, they will get sensations of pain. It is a normal thing to everyone and must not be avoided. You should immediately take care of your wisdom tooth by getting professional dental treatments. Otherwise, it will make more impacts on your gum and mouth health.

Wisdom teeth removal:

Many individuals wonder if it is forever necessary to remove the wisdom teeth. It is not always needed to remove the wisdom teeth but at the same time it must be removed when a wisdom tooth is painful and causes some negative impacts on your mouth. The best way to remove unnecessary and painful wisdom teeth is hiring a professional dentist. You must find the best dental clinic which mainly focuses on the wisdom teeth treatment and removal. Then only you can get the best kind of treatments for your wisdom tooth. The patients need to visit a dental clinic when experiencing,

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Decay
  • Gum or periodontal disease
  • Tumors and cysts
  • Root resorption of the neighbouring teeth

These are some common Wisdom teeth complications you will experience at the severe stage of the wisdom tooth. When the individuals are having any one of these symptoms near to your wisdom tooth region, it is better immediately visiting a dental clinic to get the most suitable wisdom teeth treatments from the dedicated dentists.

Complications caused by wisdom teeth:

Pain – It is the most general reason why many patients consult with the dentist about the wisdom teeth. There are three primary causes of pain related to the wisdom teeth. First, you will get pain from the eruption process. Pressure on the adjacent nerves can also make pain on your wisdom tooth. The next thing is getting pain from the infection, damaged tissue around the tooth, gum disease, or decay.

Infection – Pericoronitis is basically a bacterial infection of your soft tissue around the crown of the partially erupted tooth. Usually, a crown of the tooth is positioned above your gum line. But with the impacted teeth, the crown only partially breaks through the soft teeth tissue.

Decay – All teeth are vulnerable to the tooth decay but the position of the wisdom tooth often make it or neighbouring teeth more difficult to clean. Then, these teeth collect bacteria, plaque, and food particles for the excessive period of time.

Gum disease – When your soft gum tissue affected by the wisdom tooth infection, it will be spreaded to the neighbouring teeth and you will get gum disease.

Tumors and cysts – Cysts and tumors can develop in tissues around the impacted wisdom tooth.

Root resorption – If a wisdom tooth develops horizontally, it can come in the contact with the roots of the second molar. In this case, you will get some discomforts.

To avoid all these Wisdom teeth complications, it is compulsory to hire a right dentist and get the best dental care treatments to remove your wisdom teeth.

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