Lights, Camera… FLOAT!


Did you know that it would take a thousand super computers weeks to process the same information our brains processes in a tenth of a second? Yes, that is how powerful the human mind is.

Everything that we see, smell, hear, taste or feel is instantly processed by our brains and scanned for dangers or any other forms of ‘red-flags’ that may or may not require us to respond.

These responses are often associated with certain emotions based on how we feel about ‘the need of our response’ some responses make us happy, others make us sad, some make us scared or nervous and some simply make us angry.

Each of these emotional conditions are produced based on a balance of chemicals that are naturally released into our systems, for example, when there is danger, our bodies produce adrenaline which heightens our levels of stress as our body prepares to fight or run-away (fight or flight response) or when we need to show remorse and feel guilty about something, all these emotional states involve having the right chemical balances.

However, over time these balances may actually get ‘out of balance’ and our responses may be inappropriate for situations and some of these hormones if produced excessively for the wrong reasons, could lead a variety of physical health issues. Most visit psychiatrists who usually try organic methods and if that failed they just give you bottles of pills to manage the chemical balances in your body.

The reason why this happens is due to the fact that our brain is actually busy with a host of other things. A research team that was investigating the impact of floatation tank therapy in Melbourne revealed that these imbalances in our chemical balances are optimised during floatation therapy because our brain is relieved from having to deal with external stimuli and without the side effects that pills have in the long run on how livers and kidneys.

The research team indicated that the benefits of float therapy are simply astounding. Another research team that was investigating the impact of floatation therapy also in Melbourne on how the therapy could be beneficial to women in their second and third trimester revealed that pregnancy simply got much easier with just 90 minutes of float therapy each week.

As a matter of fact there are reports from across the globe on the benefits of float therapy for patients suffering from gout and arthritis, positive reports on young women who had PMS issues are also consistent with the reports produced by the Melbourne based researchers.

Athletes, who have been among the major advocates of float therapy still stand by their statements which were recorded back in the 70’s about their ability to perform better during high profile sport events and some even indicated that  they healed much faster with float therapy in tow.

The main thing is the fact that floatation tank therapy works and it does not seem to have any side effects related to it, which makes it something worth giving a shot. As they say, health is not just ‘something’, it is EVERYTHING.

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