Migraine Relief with Cefaly — How Does it Work?


Do you suffer from migraines and looking for a drug-free alternative to all the pain medications you’ve been taking? Perhaps you’re worried about the long-term adverse effects of using pain killers to cope with chronic symptoms? If so, then you might want to consider a more natural and holistic approach for pain relief, which is precisely what Cefaly offers.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably heard about Cefaly and how it offers a better alternative to dealing with recurring migraines. However, does it work? In this article, we will go over the principles surrounding the latter and how it’s supposed to help with your symptoms. Only then can you determine if it is worth your time and money.

What is Cefaly?

Simply put, Cefaly is a device that is specifically designed to control the pain and discomfort caused by migraine and headache symptoms without the need for any drug-based treatments. Before you ask, where to buy Cefaly or anything of the sort, it would be prudent to learn a thing or two about the principles surrounding the latter.

Cefaly works through a technique called electrotherapy, which is rooted in transmitting pleasant stimuli to the head region to relieve tension. The idea is sound, considering that migraine is almost always triggered by stress and anxiety.

The device used in the treatment resembles an oversized headband with several electrodes attached. All it takes is a short 30-minute session several times each week to keep migraine symptoms in check (particularly tension and cluster headaches). Many people who’ve used the device report that their migraine symptoms have diminished both in terms of frequency and intensity. That said, the principle advantage of the treatment is that it eliminates the need for drug-based pain medications like opioids and ibuprofen. Both can be addictive in the long run and gradually builds up tolerance resulting in increased dependence in stronger and more harmful pain killers.

How does Cefaly work?

Now that you’ve learned what Cefaly has to offer, you might be wondering how it works and whether it truly delivers on its’ promises. It’s easy to think that Cefaly is nothing but a hype train, especially if you’ve depended on pain killers for so long to keep symptoms in check.

The truth is that there is real science behind Cefaly and that it’s a product of years worth of research on alternative medicine for chronic headaches and migraine attacks. In a nutshell, Cefaly works by sending mild electric impulses that target the nerve cells in the brain (specifically the trigeminal nerve), which is the root of all migraine attacks.

The electric impulses are generated by an electrode which influences the trigeminal nerve in the following ways:

  • Increased endorphin production — the hormone on the body that promotes well-being and a higher tolerance for headaches and migraines.
  • Partially blocks pain receptors from entering the nervous system resulting in reduced frequency and intensity of headaches and migraine attacks.

Are there any side effects that you need to worry about?

The straight answer is no, and that’s the whole point behind Cefaly as a drug-free alternative for migraine and headache symptoms. The device has been proven safe to use based on years of clinical tests. No adverse side effects were ever found as the device is categorized as a biocompatible treatment. This means that people suffering from chronic migraines can continue using the device with peace of mind.

However, there are a few limitations when it comes to using Cefaly as an alternative migraine treatment. For one thing, medical experts caution against children using the device (below eight years of age) as it’s not yet known how electrotherapy might influence brain development at a young age. Also, the calming effect of electrotherapy means that people ought to refrain from using the device shortly before driving or operating heavy machinery.

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