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Optometry is a field that is much needed… I mean, I wouldn’t be able to see what I’m writing if it weren’t for optometry. Most everyone knows that this field of work deals with the eyes but do you really know what it consists of? Optometry is a medical profession where the optometrist will examine your eyes for any visual defects and will describe a corrective lens to the patient if it is necessary. They may also prescribe medication, vision therapy, as well as perform certain surgical procedures that may be deemed necessary. If you experience issues with your eyes it’s best to see your optometrist as soon as you possibly can… also it is a general good practice to see your optometrist at lest once a year so you can have a routine vision exam to see if there have been any changes in your vision and to see if there have been any issues that need to be addressed since the last time you had an exam.

We all know the important role that our eyes play in our lives… while you know how important they are do you really realize how important it is to take care of your eyes? Do you really know how crucial it is to have your eyes checked on a regular basis? You may think that if you don’t have poor vision that you don’t have to have your eyes checked… that’s far from the case. Even if you don’t have poor vision it is important for you to have your eyes checked regularly.

When you have an eye exam, you’re not just seeing if you have poor vision or not… your optometrist is checking for all sorts of things, including health problems. What type of health problems could you have in your eyes? Great question… some of the health problems that can be found in an eye exam include early symptoms of:

  • Diabetes
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • High blood pressure
  • Macular degeneration
  • Arthritis

If you don’t have an optometrist and if you’ve never had an eye exam, you need to make sure that you get one and schedule an appointment as soon as you possibly can. But, if Showboxinfo you don’t already have an optometrist, you need to find one… one that you can trust and that you feel comfortable seeing. For those that may be looking for a local optometrist in Cedar Rapids, IA here are some amazing options that you may want to consider making an appointment with and having as your optometrist.

Fitzgerald & Associates: Dr. Fitzgerald has been in this profession for more than 30 years… and she has been in Cedar Rapids since 1984. She is very passionate about her career and she has the latest technology that can be found in eye care. She prides herself in providing the best patient care you can find.

Cedar Rapids Eye Care: Commitment has been something that has been important to Cedar Rapids Eye Care since the beginning and that will never change. They take the time that is necessary to know every patient and the visual demands they need to make sure they have the personal care needed.

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