The Risk And Detection Of Oral Cancer Through Screening Technology


Oral cancer comes to be around 2% of all the cancers that are diagnosed in the United States every year.  As per the reports, approximately 36,000 people get diagnosed with cancer each year, and from those about 7,000 die every year.  On an average, only 61 percent of people suffering from cancer can survive up to 6 years.

Early detection of cancer followed by timely treatment can assure major decrease in the death rate. Early detection of oral cancer is possible. You just need to have complete knowledge about all the signs and symptoms that can lead to the disease, and if you are able to detect them at the right time, then they won’t be life threatening. If you are looking out for the best place that can give you top notch treatment, then find a good Dentist Carrollton.

Lesions that refer to the signs of oral cancer

Detection of oral cancer at the primary stage is something that can actually happen by observing the tissue changes inside the mouth. The two lesions that leads to cancer are – White lesions and red lesions. However, the components of red lesions are more obliged to be turning into cancer causing agents.

If you observe any of these tissue changes that are not getting resolved within two weeks, then it must be diagnosed. Some other symptoms that can lead to oral cancer are described as –

  • The soft tissues in the mouth getting thick
  • Creation of lumpiness inside the mouth
  • A feeling of something stuck in the throat
  • Soreness in the tongue and mouth
  • A slight difficulty while chewing
  • Pain in the pipe during swallowing
  • Random strokes of pain in the ear
  • Difficulty in moving the jaw line
  • Feeling of numbness in the mouth

Detection of oral cancer at the right time

If you manage to detect your oral cancer in the early stage, then there is nothing to be worried about. Hence, all the above mentioned symptoms should be kept in mind and diagnosed properly. If you take more time then lot of risk factors can arise. One of the factors that cause greater level of risk of cancer is the consumption of tobacco, smoking and alcohol.

Many other factors that lead to cancerous agents

 The combination of tobacco along with alcohol is very risky and posses higher risk of cancer. Along with these factors, sexually transmitted papilloma virus is also linked to be the cause of oral cancer. It can also be linked to a certain age group, as this type of cancer occurs mostly after the age of 40.

Diet and sun exposure also play their respective part as factors causing cancer. Sun exposure on lips can lead to certain kind of lip cancer and unbalanced diet can lead to oral cancer too. One must try and inculcate maximum fruits and vegetables in their diet as a precautionary measure.

If the cancer causing symptoms prevail for more than 2 weeks then a thorough test is recommended at the earliest. However, if nothing shows up in these tests then you must consult a specialist immediately before it’s too late. All these symptoms should not be with held in your body for any longer than 2 weeks.

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