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Coconut, Argan and Avocado Oil: Natural oils have long been known as miracle weapons of the cosmetics industry. Why hemp oil stands out and whether it is actually good for the skin we have the answers. Hemp is one of the oldest useful and ornamental plants in the world.

Cannabis: A plant that many with right away connect drugs and their intoxication. Hemp has much more to offer, It is used for pain relief medical and should bring with it an anti-inflammatory effect. That is also for the Cosmetics industry interesting, because Hemp oil promises healthy, firm and beautiful skin. For more on this, visit

Hemp: a plant that has it all

Hemp has existed on Earth for more than 30,000 years. It was not until the 1930s that it became known that some of the ingredients in the plant have an intoxicating effect on humans – since then, cultivation has been banned in many places. In medicine will be out Cannabis cannabinoids and prescribed for example for nerve pain, multiple sclerosis or cancer on prescription. Patients may thereby reduce or completely discontinue the use of analgesics.

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The difference between Hemp oil and CBD

Hemp oil is usually hempseed oil. It is pressed from the seeds and is especially valuable because of the composition of the unsaturated fatty acids. “It contains the well-known cannabinoids CBD and THC, but in low doses.” They have an anti-inflammatory effect and influence the production of skin cells.

CBD oil, on the other hand, usually contains only the cannabinoid cannabidiol, which can be used as a vehicle in various oils and contains little to no THC at all, thus it has little psychoactive influence. It is obtained from flowers, leaves and stems of the plant. In cosmetics, a combination of hemp and CBD oil is often used, the crystalline substance of the CBD needs a carrier such as oil to Cosmetics to be effective.

Sales of CBD oil stopped: the problems of dealers

Although the positive effect on the skin for some doctors is undisputed, hemp and CBD oil are not yet fully explored. This is especially true for the combination with other drugs, such as with antiepileptic drugs.

Furthermore, some dealers worry about the legal situation, because in the Narcotic Law (BtMG) clear guidelines for CBD products are anchored. They may not contain more than 0.2 percent THC. The authorities are currently investigating infringements with random samples and raids. The drugstores Rossmann and for this reason, dm has stopped the sale for the time being. For them, the uncertainty and the fear of possible fines and damage to their image are probably too great.

That’s how it works Hemp oil on the skin

The essential fatty acids contained in the oil of cannabis seeds can be directly absorbed by human skin and thus almost completely absorbed. Hemp oil also supports its natural protective barrier, which prevents the ingress of bacteria and toxins from the environment. This keeps the skin healthy and moisturized while wrinkles are reduced, because gamma-linolenic acid binds water to the skin cells.

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