Weight and Diet: Avoid these Foods to Lose Weight Faster


Many people all over the world are struggling with losing weight. Some do it because the doctor wants them to reduce the amount of fat in their body. Losing weight is all about having a physically fit body for overall health and wellbeing. There are different methods of losing weight. However, the most successful way of losing weight is having a special diet.

Your diet plays a crucial role in your journey to losing weight. In this article, we highlight some five foods you should avoid if you are looking forward to having that flat belly this year.

Avoid these foods to lose weight faster

1. White bread

Studies have shown that regular intake of bread can increase your body weight. If you take just two slices of bread a day, you expose yourself to a higher risk of increasing your body weight. White bread contains a lot of calories that can increase your body weight in the shortest period. It is advisable to take some alternative foods for your breakfast instead of bread.

Boiled potatoes are the most preferred because they have resistant starch. Resistant starch has the least amount of calories and fiber, which makes you full faster. The fiber content in boiled potatoes kills hunger more quickly, reducing the amount of calories you take per day.

2. Candy Bars

A candy bar is another food that you must avoid if you are looking forward to losing weight sooner. Ideally, a typical candy bar covered with chocolate contains close to 300 calories. If you take these amounts of calories every day, you can be sure of being obese in some few months. Instead of candy bars, you can eat some nuts or fruits for snacks. You must watch your craving for snacks like candy bars if you intend to lose excess fat in your body.

3. Beer

The impact of alcohol on the body is quite controversial. While a moderate intake of drinks like table wine is known to reduce weight, beer contains a lot of calories. You should not take beer in large quantities. Doctors recommend that you do not exceed two drinks a day if you are looking forward to being fit physically.

4. Ice cream

Anyone looking forward to losing weight must avoid calories and sugars. Ice cream contains all these in large quantities. While doctors recommend a small amount of ice cream a day, it is essential to avoid them on your journey to losing weight. It is easy to eat a lot of ice cream in one sitting because they are very delicious. If you are addicted to ice cream, you can make your own using little sugar content and fruits.

5. Pizza

This list cannot be complete without this food appearing. Pizza is the leading cause of obesity in most developed countries because it is a prevalent fast food. Pizza contains a lot of calories. Some types of pizza contain processed meat and flour, which are unhealthy for those intending to lose weight.


Ultimately, any types of food with added sugar and calories is not suitable for those intending to lose weight. Some other foods that can lower your chances of losing weight include high-calorie coffee drinks, foods high in added sugar, cakes, pastries, cookies, fruit juices, potato chips, and French fries. If you must take these foods, then limit the amount you take every day to boost your chances for losing weight faster. Most of these foods have alternatives you can go for.

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