What One Needs To Know About Fluoride Treatment from Clinton Family Dentistry


Is your child complaining of tooth ache? Then it might be time to take them for a dental check up with your family dentist. There can be many reasons for your child to complain of a toothache. They might be suffering from cavities, or gum problem. Not properly brushing their teeth, or not flossing might also be the reason for oral issues. Sitting at home and trying home remedies might not give them relief. What is Clinton Family dentistry there for then? Rush them to your trusted Clinton family dentist and try to know the reason for their tooth ache. If on check-up the dentist deciphers that the reason is tooth decay, then they can suggest you to go for Fluoride treatment.

Now, what is that? Fluoride is a mineral that helps in the prevention of tooth decay. It helps in making teeth resistant to plaque bacteria and acid buildup which are harmful for the teeth enamel. When the enamel is damaged, it leads to tooth decay and hence pain. With Fluoride treatment, slaying that problem is easier. It is one of the most effective elements that helps in preventing tooth decay.

Fluoride is present as a component in food and water and that is how our teeth receives it. That might not be sufficient to prevent tooth decay. That is why dentists recommend getting a proper fluoride treatment. There are certain reasons why dentists ask their patients for such a treatment:

  • If an individual has exposed or sensitive root surfaces
  • If the oral hygiene habits are not good
  • If the individual takes in sugar and carbohydrates frequently
  • If the person has deep pits and fissures on the chewing surface of the teeth
  • If the person has a history of tooth decay
  • If the person experiences inadequate saliva flow

According to dental professionals associated with Clinton Family Dentistry, children are the one’s who require Fluoride treatment. Many parents are in the habit of taking their children for dental checkups and dental cleaning. Fluoride treatment is a part of that dental cleaning process. Though there are many products that are readily available for getting dental fluoride, it is best to approach a dentist for the same. The process of Fluoride treatment carried out by a dentist is more thorough and it also includes a higher amount of fluoride. The dentist can apply the same in any form- gel, foam, or varnish. It is then left on the teeth for at least four to five minutes for longer results.

To lead a healthy life, one needs to have all the organs in their body working fine. Many of us are not aware, but it is true that much of the health issues result from our stomach. What we eat and how we keep our teeth healthy has a great impact on our health too. Poor oral hygiene can give rise to harmful bacteria that can have serious implications on health as well. Properly brushing the teeth twice a day, flossing helps to kill germs and bacteria and ensure good oral hygiene.

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