What You Can Do for the Perfect Drug Rehabilitation


How many times, while using drugs, have you missed the opportunity to find out what really would make you choose your path: your strength, your ability, your potential? How many times have you let your life be decided by those who feed your addictions? How many times have you changed your routine or damaged your affective contacts because of a soap opera schedule or the need to smoke a cigarette? Who is deciding your life? Are the things you do directed toward a goal that makes you a better person every day or that you get carried away by the “craving”, the effect the drug produces?

The inability to make choices, and consequently to control what you do, makes you a compulsive person. You can no longer be without a drink, you cannot decide what is best in your affective life because of a sexual addiction. There seems to be no hope of life without that addiction. What’s worse is that everything you do is justified by what you feel; can only relate to people from the “security” that the drug offers; He says no one has anything to do with his life, and begins to experience the worst damage the drug brings: loneliness. The essence of drug rehabilitation is important here.

How to get out of this?

First, a radical decision is needed to break with addiction, with slavery. This requires a change of life. One must break self-reliance, repent, have humility, submission, discipline, surrender, and especially belief in God. The work done from the tradition of the “Anonymous” groups (AA, the Farm of the Lord Jesus, etc.) indicates some important steps, structuring these steps by promoting reconciliation with God, with oneself and with others. The decision, however, must be radical.

The reward? Hope, life and freedom

The certainty is that the best of life is yet to come.

  • How about now thinking about the vices that are part of your life?
  • Cocaine?
  • Weed? Alcohol?
  • Cigarette?
  • Medicines?

And if you think you’re not addicted, just a user, it’s worth remembering that the self-deception attitude is often justified and contained in the phrase “when I want, I stop”, used by so many who need our help today and our prayers. What do you think is most important to live for: the mistakes offered by these means of numbing life or the hope of living the life God dreamed for you? Remember: Jesus wants to give your life, and life in abundance.

Partner and support

Imagine that you are going through a very complicated time in your life and when you find out what it is about; your boyfriend breaks up with you. Probably your sadness would increase. This can happen when you have a boyfriend on drugs if your decision is to leave the boat and break up with you.

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