Why Do You Need To Lose Weight Before Orthopaedic Surgery?


The craze surrounding ideal body image is enormous. Its dissemination is further fed by the ideas generated from the glittery fashion and entertainment industry. However, losing weight is prudent in some instances. A healthy weight plays a pivotal role in maintaining the usual functional rhythm of the human body which can otherwise get hindered by excess fats deposition.

Various kinds of physical discomforts can arise from obesity, which includes orthopaedic issues as well. In fact, doctors and surgeons recommend weight loss before Orthopaedic surgery to ensure a high success rate of the operation and faster healing thereafter. This article aims to underline the significance of losing weight, that too prior to surgery

  • Overall faster healing

For the obese people, their excess body fats impede faster healing process after an orthopaedic operation. Furthermore, deposited fats pressurise blood flow in the body which stagnates the overall healing. All such complications increase a patient’s stay duration in the hospital which in turn makes them susceptible to acquiring infections. The process seems elusive to comprehend but it occurs and spreads rapidly.

However, a patient with healthy body weight responses quickly and positively to the surgical treatment. And the risk of this kind can easily be averted if body mass index (BMI) is maintained or excess weight reduced before surgery.

  • Avoiding after surgery complications

Knee and hip aches are the most common types of orthopaedic pains experienced by people. In extreme cases, doctors even go to the extent of suggesting replacement surgery. On the other hand, they are reluctant to conduct surgery on an obese patient and there are multiple reasons behind it.

Due to all extra fats, your heart is compelled to function harder for all the oxygen and blood supply that your body would need. It puts a patient a greater risk to develop cardiovascular issues and high BP. It is therefore understandable why weight loss before Orthopaedic surgery is essential. If you have no weight issues, then orthopaedic surgery is a lot easier to cope with.

  • No risk of post-surgery fracture or re-operation

Excess fats in your body are a potent cause of post-surgery fractures. After a knee or hip replacement operation, artificial implants are introduced in a patient’s body which adds swiftness in his movements. However, the downside is extra pressure exerted by the combined weight of inserted grafts and your body fats can cause further fractures. It also paves the way for re-operation.

Weight loss before Orthopaedic surgery will ensure that a patient does not have to face future discomforts thereby experiencing long term well being.

The need for weight reduction goes beyond the look factor. One has to perceive an ideal Body Mass Index as a harbinger of a healthy body. Doctor’s weight loss recommendation before surgery is thus based on pragmatism and aims for your better health.

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