Ayurveda Azoospermia Cure & Treatment Enhance the Fertility in Males


Have you made many attempts to get pregnant and still yet there is no success? Finally, you visit a doctor and you are told this problem is attributed to your man. The man has Azoospermia which accounts for a third of infertility cases around the world.

Quite simply a man is diagnosed with Azoospermia when there is a problem with his ejaculation or his sperm count. In the men’s private orgasm, the sperm can only be released from man penis. If the male can’t release this semen properly he can be suffering from Azoospermia.

The statistics also say that about 15% of couples trying to conceive are dealing with some form of infertility like Azoospermia. So if you’ve been diagnosed with Azoospermia, do not despair, you are far from alone and many options are available to you. The standard forms of Azoospermia are due to one, or several of the issues of low sperm count, low sperm motility, and poor sperm morphology. In some men cases, blockage or physical obstruction can prevent men from normal delivery of sperm.

What should be done first during Azoospermia tests are a thorough examination and a review of your medical and surgical history. It is necessary to determine the kinds of illnesses you have had since your childhood years. There are certain chronic illnesses or conditions that can affect the fertility in males such as pelvic injury, childhood illness, abdominal or reproductive organ surgery, recreational use of prohibited drugs, and the intake of certain medications.

Azoospermia cause:

Azoospermia refers to the total absence of semen in the man sperm, which can result in a hereditary disorder or is often a consequence of scar tissue in testicles left behind by traumatic injuries. Azoospermia or Low sperm count can be caused by a variety of circumstances and conditions. Often it can be the result of a higher than normal temperature in the testicles, possibly caused by varicose veins or undecided testicles which remain insulated within the body.

Azoospermia may also be caused by environmental factors such as chemical exposure, health problems including obesity and addictions, and lifestyle choices including extreme bicycling habits. These problems can often be addressed directly through changes in lifestyle or direct medical attention. When the issues involved are more complex, alternative treatments can be administered to improve the chances of pregnancy.

Underlying causes of Azoospermia can also include physical abnormalities of testicle structure, hormonal imbalances, and genetic variations, including rare conditions such as doubled sex chromosomes. Infections, both STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and common bacterial and viral infections, can also affect sperm production. Cancer and treatments for cancer may also be the root causes of Azoospermia, as are a variety of environmental and work-related forms of chemical exposure.

Symptoms of Azoospermia:

             Inability to make the female partner pregnant within 6 months of unprotected sex.

             Apathy towards sex

             Enlarged breast tissues in males

             Wrinkled male organ

             Failure to achieve an erection

             Dull skin in infertile males.

Azoospermia treatment:

Through Ayurveda herbs, your problems of infertility will be solved. All the human bodies need proper nutrients they needed through the help of herbs and nutrients. Thanks to Ayurveda medicine, through this natural treatment your body organs will be able to achieve an optimal functioning. The principle behind it is the same as adjusting your car. You need to fuel up yourself by using the Ayurveda herbs medicine so that you can also enhance your fertility.

Natural our body contains natural things that work for proper functioning this process also include fertility. Infertility, energy promotes adequate blood supply as well as regulation of hormones. When the energy is disrupted by any cause, it will cause Azoospermia. However, with the help of Ayurveda herbal medicine, Azoospermia will be cure and pregnancy will be possible.

As soon as your body improves, you’d be able to recognize everything and you will be more focused on your body. You will also get information’s you need to know about yourself and what your body needs. That is when you will be able to solve the problems of azoospermia completely. All you need is just to be patient before you see the optimal results. Keep in mind that Azoospermia treatment depends on the more you think positively of yourself, the more you will feel that you are becoming healthier and the more that you will become fertile.

A specialist from Rasyog Ayurveda will help you find the best program that will suit your needs. This program helps in improving the functioning of human’s organs, in order to achieve good physical well-being and also to improve our fertility. Your physical strength will also be enhanced through good sleep, promoting better digestion and improving mental functioning. As soon as the body improves and works optimally, with the help of natural herbs like Ayurveda natural medicine.

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