Beauty and Overall Health Benefits of Magical Pearl Powder


Women dream of light, soft, beautiful and healthy skin. Fortunately, pearl powder is a proven way of attaining ideal skin. It is popular in China for ages. Majority of the Chinese community not just use pearl powder for skin care but even to reduce or cure their illness.

Pearl powder can be used internally as well as externally. For external use, blend pearl powder with foundation or as an ingredient of face mask. Alternatively, for internal use mix it with smoothie or yogurt [a small portion]. Browse this site to know how to incorporate it in your regime.

Pearl powder nutrients

Chemical composition of pearl –

  • 86% Calcium Carbonate
  • 14% water and other nutrients like amino acids, magnesium and trace minerals.

The pearls are rich in nutrient that plays a huge role in keeping your body healthy and well.

Pearl powders awesome health benefits

  • It is popular as Shen tonic in China. It helps to increase spiritual energy, which is true inner beauty.
  • Relieves the feel of heavy heart and induces calmness.
  • Toxic heat according to TCM is bad but relief in inflammation results in robust circulatory system, clear skin and bright eyes.
  • Liver is the root of emotion as well as rules skin quality. The toxic emotions collected in it, which leads to hormonal imbalance. Clearing toxic heat is beneficial to the overall health.
  • Pearl powder relieves from hypertension and balances blood pressure.
  • In a study, it was reported that pearl powder promotes the healing of wound because of its capabilities to stimulate collagen deposition, fibroblast mitosis, and production of metalloproteinase-1.
  • Pearl itself contains calcium, which gets absorbed in your body easily when consumed in a capsule form. According to a study pearl’s super osteo-inductive material reveals high osteogenic activities. It means pearls build better bones than hydroxyapatite and mother of pearls.
  • In an animal study, it was reported that pearl powder was able to enhance their immune functionalities. Thus, the chances of averting different illnesses increases, which is the greatest health benefit. Moreover, even their average lifespan increased.
  • Women can use it to gain relaxation and calmness during pre-menstrual syndrome.

Pearl is a true GEM in terms of health and skin care!

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