Erectile dysfunction and penile implant: Things to know


Erectile dysfunction, simply called ED, is a man’s inability to keep up an erection enough for penetration. While more common in older men, ED can happen to any adult and is often temporary. Smoking, steroids, alcohol abuse, stress are some of the known trigger factors for ED. When you see a urologist in Queens New York for the first time, they will try and identify the possible causes of ED, if the symptoms are apparent. The treatment plan will be decided accordingly, and penal implants could be a solution for some patients. Here are some quick facts worth knowing.

What are penile implants?

As the name suggests, a penile implant is planted inside the penis, so that a man can achieve and maintain the erection. When other treatments are not suitable for a patient, this can be recommended. It should be noted that penile implants do not offer a permanent solution to ED. There are two options called semi-grid and inflatable, and your urologist will explain which one will work best for you.

When are penile implants considered for ED?

ED is treatable with a few lifestyle changes and use of medication. However, in some cases, penile implants are more suitable. Those who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections, diabetes may not be ideal candidates for penile implants. Since the implantation process requires a surgery, there is a risk of infection, and there are some other risks related to penile implants that your urologist will explain in detail.

The good news is temporary erectile dysfunction can be treated without use of penile implants. Make sure that you consult a known urologist and get the best-possible opinion for your condition. In general, you can expect to get ED treatments from most urologists, but only a few specialize in penile implant surgery.

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