Everything You Need to Know About Pilates


For those who’ve never heard about Pilates, it is a physical fitness system, which has become increasingly popular especially over the past two decades. But what are its origins and what is it that which has made it so favoured by so many folk out there, with an interest in taking better care of their bodies? Let’s take a look…..

The Story Begins

A man by the name of Joseph Pilates, was in his younger years, a weak and sickly child. However, in his determination to bolster his body’s strength and make himself well, he established a series of unique exercises to help him improve his health.

  • His inspiration is noted as being exercises borrowed from the ancient Romans and Greeks, with some yoga and Zen philosophy, mixed in.

While being interned in in the UK during WWI, Pilates made known his unique exercise workout to other German nationals inside the camp. This aided them in keeping their strength and helped to ward off sickness.

The Development of Equipment

Whilst teaching his exercises to other internees, he established special movements for a floor and mat workout also. Whilst at the camp, Pilates went even further and began trying out other equipment and even managed to make some from the likes of bed springs.

This unique workout carried out by others in the internment camp, eventually became the physical foundation of what is today’s more and more popular Pilates movement.

  • This is the set of exercises created to increase one’s flexibility and strength via an array of stretching and balancing activities.

Appealing to Many

Pilates is especially appealing to people involved in dance, due to the workout helping in matters of flexibility minus any muscles bulking up. Professional sports people, celebrities and even models have all been heard recommending this form of exercise.

  • Along with improved flexibility, they are also renowned for averting injury and improving posture.

The practice strengthens and shapes the body from the inside out. To those who practice Pilates, the body isn’t the only area benefiting. Many feel the mind is opened and expanded through regular workouts. Like yoga, it relieves stress and anxiety.

Gentle but Firm

Due to Yokine Pilates being a gentle form of exercise without hardly any bouncing around or muscular stress, it has been recommended by medical professionals for those wishing for rehabilitation through physical therapy.

It’s also considered a perfect workout for senior citizens and those who are overweight because no jumping or lifting is taking place. Those out there who suffer from arthritis, will also appreciate it as it assists in reducing stiffness in the muscles.

  • And because it encourages good posture, it helps in warding off osteoporosis.

Attention Pregnant and Post Pregnant Mothers!

Pilates is ideal for helping mothers get back their shape after pregnancy as it works wonders in the abdominal area.

For a lot of people, it is the perfect head-to-toe workout, which keeps not only your body in shape, but also your mind.

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