The crux of IVF and timelines


IVF has proven to be the most successful method in resolving infertility issues. Generally IVF treatments are considered to be the part of assisted reproductive technology. The main functioning of these treatments is that they help women to become pregnant; if all natural ways fail. In vitro fertilization itself means the fertilization of egg outside the body. In the laboratory; sperm and egg are mixed to conduct the process of fertilization. Once the fertilization is completed the same is transferred in the uterus of woman.

Worldwide 16 millions have attained success in achieving pregnancy and maintaining charm of happy relationships.

Advantages of  IVF treatments:

1) There are higher chances of conceiving a twins or triplets.

2) When all other treatments fail due to various causes; one could still count on IVF and can attain full term pregnancy and gain the bliss of healthy baby. Even a female or male above 40 years of age can expect a healthy baby from the procedures of IVF.

Journey while going through the IVF procedures:

In Vitro fertilization is the safest and most adopted option for couples willing to have their own biological child.  

The 30 days of treatment brings up turmoil of emotions, be ready and get prepared for it.

If you wish to keep yourself financially ready, discuss the ivf treatment cost in Mumbai with the specialist and keeping yourself ready will help you to avoid any kind of future stress.

Anxiety and sadness becomes a part and parcel in your initial IVF journey; but slowly and steadily things start going for better reasons. Fertility specialist while make your journey the most comfortable one.

The good results of IVF are only to be attained if you keep yourself mentally and physically strong. IVF specialist doctor in Mumbai commence, concludes the treatment with the time cycle and various processes.

Step by Step IVF Procedure

IVF Procedure

Preparation period

Two to four weeks prior of commencement of treatment there will raise a need to do some changes in lifestyle. Reputed doctors will provided you the list of do’s and don’ts.  Even for the females suffering from the problems of Pcos or any other health related disorder, expert doctors at first will help regulating menstrual cycle and aligning the same to start of seeking IVF cycle, ovaries and hormones.

1st day

The IVF cycle here will commence on the very first day of period.

3 to 12 days

With the purpose of stimulation or awaking the ovaries, you should start taking fertility drugs. This step will ensure egg production at rapid pace.

36 hours

Doctors will give you HCG injection for the sake of release of developed eggs. In the IVF terms; the process is also known as stimulation. Your IVF specialist will go through the procedure of retrieval exactly after 36 hours of giving you injection.

1 day

During the time of retrieval; doctors will ask male partner or donor to provide sperm. It will only take few hours for the eggs to get fertilized. In order to prepare the uterus for full term pregnancy doctors even advise on taking progesterone.

5 days

The successful embryo will be transferred into uterus after 5 days from the commencement of retrieval. This is basically a non-surgery procedure.

Few tests will also be taken to keep a check on whether the embryos are successful are implanted in the hormones. This step is vital because it also triggers the body to release pregnancy hormones.

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