Top Reasons Why You Should Have Dental Implants


Usually, full dentures are done when someone loses all their natural teeth due to aging or any other issue. But, often you have to lose teeth if it is decayed or you lost it in an accident. What to do in such cases? For your benefit, dental implant in Kolkata or in your city can help you to get back your teeth with the prosthetic treatment. It is now easy to have fixed teeth in Kolkata if you go for dental implants.

What Is Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small fixture, made of titanium. When a person has lost a tooth, this small thing is used to place on the void of the natural tooth. No other metal than titanium is used to make this because this metal is compatible with the human body. Before placing the replacement tooth, the dental implant is placed on your gum and it works as the anchor to hold the replacement tooth with your jaw.

Why Should You Go for Dental Implants?

The dental implant is like a screw. It is placed on your upper or lower jaw, at the position of your missing tooth and then the replacement tooth is fixed. Why use dental implant?

  • Your Replacement Tooth Won’t Get Shifted

This is the main reason for using dental implants. Once a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth tend to fill the place by moving to the empty space. This can cause several dental complications. A dental implant will keep the other teeth at their place without moving them a bit.

  • Dental Implants Improve Your Appearance

Today, people prefer dental implants as those are supported by prostheses and look more natural and attractive than the removable dentures. Dental implants give a natural look which is not possible by removable dentures. Also, this prosthesis is non-removable and permanent.

  • Dental Implants Protect Your Jaw and Gum

Often people go for a fixed bridge instead of dental implants, but that will only make your jaw unstable underneath. Besides, dental implants also protect your gum from any damages due to other fixtures. According to experts, there are no other options than dental implants which can take good care of your jawbone and gum than dental implants.

Hopefully, you get to know about dental implants and why you should go for it. Look for the best dental implant clinic in Kolkata or anywhere for getting the best job done.

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