Treating Endometriosis Using Cannabinoids – Is It A Good Approach?


CBD and THC products have been providing pain-relieving effects. Scientists have discovered how hemp and cannabis extracts have actually targeted the main cause of different vaginal problems women suffer from including endometriosis.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic painful condition, where tissues lining the uterus [endometrium] wrongly develop on the exterior side of the uterus. It can grow on the fallopian tubes, ovaries or other abdominal areas. It is not a life-threatening condition, but every month the endometrium develops, then collapses and sheds. The shed tissue and blood get trapped inside your body.

Your body struggles a lot to reabsorb this dead material but there is also scarring and excruciating pain. Her life quality gets trodden as anxiety and depression level also increases. Even if proper treatments are prescribed and followed women struggling with endometriosis suffer from symptoms like –

  • Severe menstrual cramps
  • Painful urination
  • Throbbing bowel movements
  • Excruciating intercourse
  • Agonizing abdominal, pelvic, and lower back pain
  • Infertility
  • Nausea, constipation or diarrhoea

How endometriosis gets treated?

Endometriosis is incurable but there are steps to prevent it from spreading. Before looking into how CBD gummies or CBD oil or topical can help let’s get to know how doctors prescribe a treatment plan.


Anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesic painkillers are widely prescribed. It helps to handle the painful symptoms but does not prevent endometriosis from spreading.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy to reduce the menstrual cycle’s quality and strength is prescribed. However, some women don’t respond positively to it!


The wrongly developed endometrial tissue is removed, but relief is only temporary. Another surgical option is ovariectomy means ending the menopause cycle and even cyclical nature of the endometrial torment. Unfortunately, the pain from scar damage will consistently persist, which will need life-long pain management.

Cannabis and endometriosis

For millennia, women have been using hemp and cannabis extracts for treating menstrual cramps, endometriosis, and other gynaecological issues. CBD and THC have been revealing effective results with few side effects. The endocannabinoid system is also liable for the healthy working of the female reproductive tract. Imbalances in neurotransmitters are associated with reproductive issues and diseases like endometriosis. Careful use of cannabinoid topical, supplements, edibles, and suppositories can make a vast difference in this underlying imbalance.

How cannabinoids can treat endometriosis?

Stop cell multiplication

There are tools in your body to prevent and destroy [apoptosis process] aberrant cell development instantly. Unfortunately, the apoptosis process is impaired in women struggling with endometriosis or a similar disorder. As ECS is involved in the apoptosis process-specific receptors get activated and thus inhibit the endometriotic tissue from growing.

Prevents cell migration

ECS is involved in regulating the cell migration process. Remember to use CBD products because THC activates and possibly increases cell migration.

Starves the bloodsuckers

As CBD and THC inhibit vascularization the endometriotic lesions cannot proliferate because the blood vessels don’t get the needed nutrients.

Relaxes the painful nerves

ECS regulates the nerve growth but CBD interferes in the innervation of the endometriotic lesions thus less density of nerves means a reduction in pain.

Calms overactive immune system

Women suffering from endometriosis are hypersensitive to inflammatory signals and toxins. Cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties, which help to control inflammation due to the overactive immune system.

Before you make changes in your endometriosis prescribed treatment ensure to talk with your doctor!

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