What causes big stomach in females?


Its a dream of every women to have a flat belly. Who doesn’t like it.? Size Zero!!

Why would ladies always make a fuss about the bloated and big stomach if they were really ok with it.? Well there are several and numerous reasons for the same. It’s always a myth that ladies has hormonal changes and hence during pregnancy and after delivery ladies looses the figure. They have bog stomach and bloated stomach issues.

We have recently a done research in Ahmadabad over the same. We went to all the major places where we find all different ages of women coming in for getting their selves a right posture and figure for looking more beautiful, fit and confident.  We did categories the research into three sections as below for the same:

  1. Ladies visiting Weight Loss clinics in Ahmedabad
  2. Women’s taking counseling at Slimming Center in Ahmedabad
  3. Women’s undergoing treatment for health issues at the Obesity clinic in Ahmedabad

We found that ladies visiting the Weight Loss clinic are of major from the post pregnancy cases. We spoke to many of them and asked the reason of joining the Weight Loss sessions, where we got to know the actual issues from them.

  • We found that ladies developed a hormonal imbalance which made them look fat regardless of being overweight or not.
  • They are facing challenges to reduce their extra pounds gained due to excessive eating of fatty acids and other products during and after the pregnancy period.
  • Few had issues of having a bloated stomach which was an internal issue from the metabolism and bowel related factor.

 Ladies visiting the Slimming Center were of all mixed categories. Major role play was of middle age ladies from 30 to 40 years wanting to gain back a fit figure for a healthy life. They said that at slimming centers they got an overall treatment regarding all the aspects on weight loss. Starting from diet to exercise regime everything is being given towards making sure to have a proper body tone.

Also then coming to the point of obesity, there are many females who are suffering on the same and are getting treated at Obesity clinics such are known as corpulence or fatness where we see that there is excessive accumulation of body fat. This is mainly caused by the consumption of more calories than the body can make use of. These excess calories are therefore then stored as fat, in the body or are converted to adipose tissue. Overweight, if moderate, is not necessarily obesity, mainly for muscular or large-boned people.

There are many different points to be undertaken while undergoing the treatment at the obesity clinic in ahmedabad. The treatment of obesity has only two objectives towards it. First and the foremost is removal of the main factors which may be highly difficult like having causes are of emotional or psychological origin. Removal of surplus fat is only by reducing highly on food intake. Returning to normal body weight is important by reducing the intake of the fatty food and it is best done under medical supervision. Dietary fatty acids reduction and reducing diets that produce more fat generation in body leads to results without effort are of  actual doubts and shall be having its effectiveness in reducing body weight and keeping it down. Some of them are actually dangerous to health. Weight loss is best achieved through physical activities like exercise, sports followed up with dietary changes, such as low intake on total calorie, proper intake by substituting fruits and vegetables for refined carbohydrates. Eating fibrous meals like oats whole wheat grains and all.

We at the happy living provide you with all the services which shall undertake the complete wellness of yours. Starting from having a scientific dietary plan, to making your work out sessions. Getting you over a proper regime of healthy life style, to having yourself pampered for a salon treatment. All is under one roof. Our experts have managed well with our clients looking for weight loss to be fit. Having a gym schedule for your slimming center schedules and giving you proper consultation on the obesity clinical advises.

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