What Is Podiatry And How Can It Help You?


Everyone knows that there are all kinds of doctors out there, and while it is very known that a cardiologist is a doctor for the heart or that a neurologist a doctor for the brain, podiatrists are doctors which specialize in lower extremities, which means thighs, knees, legs and feet.

Warts treatment

Plantar warts are quite similar to warts that a person would get on their hands, in fact, they are exactly the same, but they just carry a different name. This is a type of infection which is caused by a virus called human papillomavirus, or shortened HPV, and it is actually quite inevitable to end up with warts at some point during your life.

While warts will go away on their own without any treatment in about two years, they can often be very uncomfortable or painful, which is why getting plantar warts treatment from ModPod Podiatry or your local podiatrist is highly advised, as it will make your life much easier.

The treatment is very simple, as the podiatrist is simply going to apply a solution to the infected area, which comes in a form of a paste. It is possible to purchase some wart removing solutions at a local drug store, however, those are usually not as nearly as effective as the treatment at a podiatrist, because podiatrists will use the paste that effects that specific type of virus.

Treating warts at a podiatrist is very effective

Custom orthotics

If you happen to have some kind of condition on your feet in a way of deformity, then visiting a podiatrist is going to help you greatly. One of the most common problems that people have with their feet in this category are flat feet, and while there is no cure for it at the moment, custom orthotics are definitely going to improve your quality of life.

Respectable podiatrist in Sydney NSW  like ModPod Podiatry for example are going to take a mold of your foot, which is going to be used to create orthotics that are unique for your plantar area. After a couple of days, your custom orthotics are going to be complete, and you will be able to walk without any pain or discomfort.

The best part about custom orthotics is that you can use them for years, as they are created from high-quality materials, and you can also insert them in all kinds of shoes. Visiting the podiatrist for custom orthotics is highly advised, as there is also an over the counter option at a drug store, however, there is a high chance that those orthotics are not going to help you since they are not unique.


Podiatrist can help with various foot problems

Final Word

If you are having any kind of issues with lower extremities, the best way to fix your problem is to visit the podiatrist. They can solve all kinds of problems, from small ones like warts, to some serious issues which require a surgical procedure.

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