When Can An Unaddressed Tooth Pain Lead To Dental Emergencies?


You may experience different circumstances and problems that cause oral discomfort and pain during your life. But the question is should you consider all dental problems as emergencies? It’s essential to have adequate knowledge to understand you are undergoing a dental emergency and need to visit your professional emergency dentist as soon as possible. Taking quick and proper actions to receive emergency dental care can keep your smile brilliant and save your teeth health. Sometimes, delaying your visit with your dentist when you are experiencing even a minor toothache can further damage your teeth, jaw, and gums. According to an experienced dentist in Toronto, when you visit the emergency dentist on time, he can have an accurate diagnosis and treat your dental issues sooner than expected. However, not all toothache needs to be immediately observed by a professional dentist, and you can easily lessen the pain with the help of standard home remedies until you find a suitable time to see your dentist. Here we explain how you can manage an oral injury and what is classified as a dental emergency that requires immediate attention.

How to Know Whether I’m Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies include a wide range of different dental problems like tooth pain, injury, or trauma. Some of the most prevalent dental emergencies include:

  • A cracked tooth
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • Swelling or bleeding gums
  • Extreme toothache
  • Tooth abscess
  • A damaged dental filling
  • A broken or missing restoration

These listed dental concerns are usually considered emergencies that can affect your daily life and hamper your ability to sleep, eat and talk easily. All professional emergency dentists suggest their patients visit an expert as soon as they detect any signs of those mentioned dental problems. In certain circumstances, you may be required to have a tooth extraction to prevent further damage to your other healthy teeth. So the sooner you visit your emergency dentist, the greater your chance of saving your damaged tooth and preventing severe complications.

How to Get Emergency Dental Care?

It’s necessary to know your reliable emergency dentist in advance to contact them during a dental emergency immediately. In most cases, emergency dentists are prepared to provide their services anytime, and you can easily make an appointment. It’s recommended to ask your emergency dentist about the rules and principles of the dental clinic to avoid any confusion.

What Will Happen During an Emergency Dental Visit?

Prior to carrying out any type of treatment, your emergency dentist needs to carefully assess your oral condition to gain the necessary information. X-rays and other dental tools help your emergency dentist detect any other issues within your bone structure, tooth roots, or gum tissue. All these steps are required to make your emergency dentist adequately informed about your condition so they can make the best decision about your treatment. Dental care and treatment steps will be usually carried out during the same visit or at a follow-up appointment in specific cases.

If you have a dental injury, it’s imperative to get emergency dental care as promptly as possible to support your oral wellness. Your emergency dentist is experienced and skilled enough to evaluate and identify any oral emergencies to provide the best treatment to fix those issues.

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