Why Yoga is the Best All-Round Form of Exercise


Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline that brings together the body, mind and spirit, which sets it apart from any other kind of physical workout, and the benefits from practicing yoga are indeed many. For many yoga practitioners, it is viewed as the ultimate workout, as the exercises utilise all of the large and small muscle groups, yet this is merely the physical aspect, which it the tip of the iceberg. The spiritual side of yoga is what many are attracted to, and your journey can begin once you obtain the necessary items to practice yoga.

Ancient History

While no one is actually sure of the timeline, yoga was first practiced in ancient India thousands of years ago, at least 3000 BCE, and it wasn’t until the 20th century until yoga was introduced to western civilisations. This coincided with the sixties ‘hippy’ culture that was also searching for spiritual answers, and so the introduction of yoga to the west began.

Inner Calmness

The ancient yoga practitioners could reach very high meditative levels and almost all of the people who practice today would agree that you definitely do feel more connected with your inner self and generally feel calmer. This calm disposition acts as a motivator to take the person further into the science of yoga, and spiritual development occurs; the great thing about yoga is you can derive many benefits from it – some prefer to focus on the physical aspect, as yoga on a daily basis keeps the body working in all the right places.

Yoga Equipment

You will need to acquire yoga equipment, which can easily be found from an online supplier of all things healthy and natural, especially a yoga mat, on which you will perform your exercises. Other items you will require include at least one cushion and you are advised to look for a beginner’s version of yoga, either in paper, or digital form, as this will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the basic principles.

Yoga Objectives

The discipline of yoga has been morphed by different civilisations, and here are a few of the common objectives:

  • To raise and expand one’s consciousness and spiritual awareness.
  • To attain spiritual enlightenment.
  • To develop specific muscle groups – athletes sometimes use yoga for this.
  • To develop tolerance, both spiritually and physically.

There are indeed many different forms of yoga and with some online research, you will find one type that suits you and your lifestyle. You might want to dip your toes in the water, so to speak, or plunge yourself head-first into the mystic world of yoga; and with a little time, you will surely reap the many benefits that yoga has to offer.

There are many special yoga retreats, where everything is geared up for a peaceful and serene experience, and many Australians like to combine their holiday with a yoga experience by booking into a yoga retreat.

If you would like an introduction to yoga, simply search online for the necessary items (yoga mat and cushions) and within a very short time, your long journey to spiritual enlightenment can begin.

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