Interesting Facts about Children’s Teeth


As everyone knows, healthy straight teeth are essential in everyone’s life. They can increase your confidence to be more active in various social interactions and help you bite and chew your favorite food and fruit. Besides, your teeth can help you to speak well and pronounce various vocabularies. Therefore, taking care of this essential part of our body should be started as soon as the first tooth has erupted in our mouth. Since children’s behaviors to different types of dental procedures are completely different from adults, taking them to pediatric dentists is highly recommended. As a trusted pediatric dentist in Scarborough states, these dentists should pass additional years of training to provide a wide range of dental procedures more quickly for their young patients and even learn how to make good relationships with children to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable in their offices. This article provides some fantastic facts about children’s teeth that can motivate your lovely kids to take care of their teeth eagerly.

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Fun Facts about Kid’s Teeth

Believe it or not, the strongest material in the human body is your teeth’s enamel. The outer layer of your teeth, which is shiny and white, is even harder than your bones. Your teeth’s enamels contain high percentages of special minerals like calcium and hydroxyapatite. However, our teeth are very strong and stable; they can’t repair themselves whenever they get damaged. That’s why we should try our best to take care of our teeth from an early age.

Generally, children are more prone to injure their teeth because they are interested in eating hard and sugary consumptions like candy. In addition, bad habits like using their teeth to open packages are more common among children. As a result, our lovely children are more likely to experience various dental emergency conditions.

As your cute babies are born, their milk teeth are already hidden under their gums. As they are around six months, it’s the appropriate time for the eruption of the first tooth. Before they reach three years old, all of their baby teeth will complete their eruptions. If you take your lovely kids to professional pediatric dentists, they will check out the growth of their milk teeth and use various techniques to avoid orthodontic issues in the future.

Another interesting fact about the baby and permanent teeth that should be noted is that all children have only 20 baby teeth that will be replaced with 32 permanent ones. When you regularly visit your professional dentists, they will monitor the growth of your teeth. If they determine your jaw bone doesn’t have enough space for wisdom teeth eruption, they will recommend wisdom teeth extractions to preserve the health of surrounding teeth.

Believe it or not, human teeth are unique, just like fingerprints. You will be surprised if you know that even identical twins don’t have a similar set of teeth. So taking care of your unique teeth is essential to avoid irreversible dental damage in the future. To find out more about why people have different types of teeth, visit this website:

Finally, if these amazing and beneficial facts about children’s teeth have inspired you to seek valuable tips to properly take care of your kid’s teeth, make an urgent appointment to visit highly-trained pediatric dentists.

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