Children’s First Appointments with Pediatric Dentists


One of the most common questions parents often ask is when their children should first visit professional dentists. All children should be taken into dedicated pediatric dentists’ offices at early ages, right after the eruption of the first baby tooth. According to a professional pediatric dentist in Vancouver, if you take your lovely kids to pediatric dentists when they are six months, you will be provided with numerous practical tips that can help you to prevent your babies from negative habits such as finger-sucking or pacifier habits. Let’s know about all the other significant benefits you will gain by promptly taking your cute kiddos to pediatric dentists.

Preparing the Children for Their First Dental Visits

It is recommended to make morning dental appointments for your children because they are fresh and full of energy. It is beneficial to give them general expectations about the dental services they may receive during their appointments. You should try to make them excited about visiting dentists by explaining the benefits of caring for natural teeth. In addition, the parents should prepare themselves by discussing all their questions and concerns with professionally-educated pediatric dentists. Remember that adults’ reactions are completely different from children’s to dental appointments. Therefore, if you are afraid of visiting dentists, avoid relating these negative feelings to your children. You should do your best to stay calm and relaxed while taking your children to their regular appointments.

Another essential point that should be taken into account is that you should let the dentists know all vital information about your children’s health history. Therefore, they will properly decide what treatments are necessary to preserve your kids’ oral health. Besides, some parents can guess their babies’ behaviors to different dental processes, so they should tell the dentists about these behaviors. For example, those young patients 10 to 24 months may feel upset as soon as they are taken from their parents; therefore, professional dentists should start their dental examination when their young patients are sitting beside their parents. In contrast, 2 to 4 years-old children can deal with a short separation from their parents, so pediatric dentists should use quick methods to solve their dental conditions before they feel upset.

The Expectation from the First Pediatric Dentists’ Appointments

During the first dental appointments, all professional pediatric dentists will use technical and practical methods to make their young patients feel calm and comfortable. To achieve this beneficial goal, they will use colorful pictures to design their offices in a way that is pleasing to your lovely children. Besides, they will use easy-to-understand words to explain the procedures that should be regularly performed during routine visits. Then they will take x-rays images to determine if the growth of baby teeth is normal confidently. They will provide their young patients with a professional dental cleaning to ensure their teeth are healthy and free from dental stains and plaque. Giving awards for encouraging the children’s proper behaviors is another interesting technique that can motivate them to follow up on their dental appointments regularly.

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