What Can You Expect During the First Visit with a Periodontist?


One of the most concerning dental problems you can ever experience is gum disease. There are many different causes for gum disease, and your condition may even worsen if you don’t seek proper dental care immediately. As a professional Oakville periodontist explains, the more advanced stages of gum problems are called periodontal disease and can bring you more pain and discomfort. In such cases, you may experience severe infection, swelling, gum bleeding, etc., which is why visiting a professional periodontist is necessary. An experienced periodontist has years of training and education in the field of gum disease and can help you with the most suitable treatment. Unfortunately, many fear periodontal dentistry services due to the lack of information. Therefore, knowing what to expect during the first visit with your periodontist can help you stay calm and relaxed. Continue to read this article and understand how to prepare for your first appointment with a periodontist.

What Happens During your First Appointment?

The typical procedure that all periodontists need to perform is to check your dental health, profile, and complete medical health history. It can help your periodontist detect the source of your problems and consider the most suitable dental treatments to regain oral wellness. Furthermore, a thorough periodontal examination is possible to check various things, including bone loss, bite problems, tooth loss, TMJ, and bleeding gums. You don’t need to worry about discomfort during the oral examination as your periodontist will be so gentle.

What to Bring for the First Visit with Your Periodontist?

  • Referral forms from your general dentist
  • List of any questions you might have
  • Any X-rays from your dentist who referred you
  • Dental insurance information
  • List of medications you currently take

Can Your Periodontist Perform Oral Surgery?

There is no need to undergo oral surgery if you visit your periodontist before it gets too late. All periodontists try to regain your oral health in the most conservative way to avoid oral surgery. But in more severe cases, oral surgery is your last and the only option you have. Typically, your periodontist can find you an ideal treatment during the first visit, and you can understand whether you need oral surgery.

Can You Leave Your Periodontal Problems Untreated?

Periodontal disease can progress and develop faster than you can imagine. It’s not recommended to delay the needed periodontal treatment to save your teeth and prevent more complicated problems. Moreover, delaying your treatment can lead to more bone loss, making you spend more money on expensive treatments like dentures or dental implants.

How Much Do Periodontal Treatments Cost?

Treatment plans are different for each patient depending on their medical history and condition severity. So, the cost of periodontal treatment can differ, and you can ask your periodontist for reliable information. Most periodontists provide their patients with suitable payment plans, and you can also use your dental insurance services!

You need to find a periodontist who is experienced and reliable enough. If you have questions and concerns about the treatment process, consult with your periodontist during the first visit!

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