5 Ways To Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy All Summer Long


Every parent wants to have happy kids. One way to ensure that your kids stay happy through summer is by taking care of their dental health. It is not uncommon for families to overindulge while out on holiday in summer. Families take more pictures taken during this season and it is important that your kids be able to smile without a pain.

There are several ways that any parent can use to make sure that summer days are spent having fun and not booking visits to see a dentist. A visit to SummerBrook Dental Group will ensure that your entire family is well taken care of during summer. This is the most likely time especially for kids to have a toothache while on holiday. We all know how it is having the little ones home with us. Even when on holiday, kids like to nibble on different foods and especially snacks. To avoid being caught off guard should your little one develop toothache, be sure to have them checked at one of the clinics ahead of summer. This is especially true in case you plan on going on holiday away from home.

What then are other ways that a parent can use to ensure their kid’s teeth remain healthy through summer? Here are some tips on how you can do that;

  • Avoid giving them too many sugary snacks. If given, encourage them to brush their teeth soon after. Kids like snacking sweet foods and we all know that sugar is not healthy for one’s teeth. While you cannot rule the snacks out entirely, you can make sure that your child cleans the teeth soon after to avoid accumulation of plaque.
  • Make sure your kids brush their teeth from the age of 2. You can also teach him to floss to rid the teeth of any plaque. For those kids who like snacking in between meals be sure to encourage more frequent brushing of teeth. It is especially important that kids do not go to bed without brushing their teeth.
  • Avoid too much sweet medicine. You know how it is after a visit to the Doctor and your kid gets a prescription of sweet medicine to take home. This is just as bad as eating sugary food as it will stick on the teeth as well. In the event your child has to take this kind of medicine for a long period, discuss it with your dentist for more advice.
  • Avoid the use of a sippy cup for long hours. In case you are giving your baby sugary drinks, there are more chances of him getting tooth decay at the back of the front teeth this way.
  • The use of a pacifier can have adverse effects on the teeth of a young one. Be sure to discuss this with your Dentist should this be the case.

You will have a happier summer when your kids have a healthy smile. Be sure to consult your local dentist for advice.

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