Here Is How to Avoid Gaining Weight


Holidays are different from usual days when you are not so conscious about your health and diet. A study which weighed up the habits of the travelers reveals that people are careless about their regular food habits while they are on vacation or traveling. Seems legit!

People usually go on holidays to take a break from their everyday life which is jam-packed with a lot of stress and worries. So, when they are taking a break, why would anyone worry about what they are having in their plate?

But, noticing that you have put on some weight after vacation is something that you would definitely never want. If so, here are a few tips to follow to avoid gaining weight when out on a holiday –

Have meals in small portions: When you travel, your entire body system travels. You walk a lot, your brain thinks and runs more than it typically does, and as a result, you feel butterflies in your stomach, repeatedly. And, when you are hungry, even the slightest aroma can stimulate the hungry, ravenous creature inside. This is when you tend to eat more than your capacity. When on flight, ship or road, it is never advisable to eat large serves. Having small portions will help you stay active, while keeping you hydrated, barring scope for heavy meals. Additionally, large serves of food and beverage promote dizziness in you, apart from increasing the kilograms.

Include more natural diet: Some places are known for their elite food culture. If you are visiting one such place, and if you are really keen on trying those delicacies, I would suggest you to include natural food such as fruits, salads, vegetables and juices in at least one meal (and, if possible, two) of the day.

Do not overeat: (Yes, that’s how I yell!) No matter how delicious or famous a particular food item is, you must not have it more than your capacity. Although overfeeding yourself sometimes is a joy of its own, you should never go for it, especially if you are travelling to an unknown city. If you have passes or invitation for a grand party or buffet, it would be advisable to not go there hungry. This way, you will be enjoying the meals and drinks without overburdening your digestive system.

Less alcohol: A theory says that alcohol promotes a mechanism that can be held responsible for weight gain. Evidently, alcoholism is the root cause of many awkward situations. So, escaping it would be a great idea, and you will be away from many problems, including weight gain.

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